With Letstrack Profit, you can manage your Fleet of vehicles and Earn value at the same time by keeping track of fuel consumption, max/min speed, tracking multiple devices on one screen.

All in one smart management tool for your growing fleet.

Why LT Profit?

Learn it, adopt it, profit from it. We understand your need to subsidize costs and get the best of your fleet which is why we bring you this intelligent technology. It enables you to keep track of your vehicles and gives a report all with one touch on just one single screen! Keep a check on your fleet anywhere, anytime.



 One Month HistoryRun an easy check through a month long history view

 Distance travelledWith a just single, keep a check on the total distance travelled by each vehicle

 Value ScreenGenerate profit through this valuable of Value screen which lets you view all the information about the vehicle

 Speed alertsWhenever any of your fleet vehicle crosses the set speed limit, you will get notified through instant speed alert

 Real time trackingTrack and locate your fleet in real time without any trouble

 Multiple mapsYou can switch with great ease and track through multiple map sharing.

    How it works

    • Install Letstrack GPS tracking devices in your vehicle/s.
    • Monitor the Real-time location and current Speed of your vehicle
    • Monitor the misuse of AC in your Vehicle
    • View history of your vehicle movement
    • Monitor the Fuel consumption by your Vehicle
    • Monitor the vehicle performance on the Letstrack Value screen


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