LT-Customize is an Enterprise Letstrack GPS Solutions for your business which can be customized as per your business needs. LT-Customize provide desired reports to improve transparency of your business which facilitate decision making.

Why LT Customize?

If you already have software running for your business, Get LT-Customize Rest API to integrate your software with GPS tracking solutions, LT-Customize provides. Every client’s API has unique credentials. API can only be called with basic Authentication which is 64 bit encrypted, No call is processed without correct credentials. IP Restricted call for API can be enabled as per customer need.



  • Customized hardware development & extensions.
  • API/Protocol based integration with Letstrack Platform.
  • API for vehicle tracking and current vehicle status.
  • (Reflects real-time location of devices in your existing software)
  • API for immobilizing/mobilizing of particular vehicle.
  • (access to engine cut or restore vehicle remotely)
  • Can Enable IP Restricted Call for API.
  • Customized applications and workflow development

How it works

  • Go to mobile settings and Turn On the mobile GPS option.
  • Go to Letstrack app's ‘Me’ screen
  • Click on the attendance button to plug in your Login details
  • Click on the attendance button again to plug in your Logout details
  • Go to Letstrack web login to monitor the attendance of your employees.
  • Get Daily/Monthly attendance report, Login and Logout time


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