Letstrack Claim is an additional feature wherein you can claim reimbursements and make the transactions hassle-free.

Saving you from all the tedious paperwork and claims of fraud expenses, highlight of this feature is Auto generated quick reimbursement slips.

Taking one claim at a time to monitor & navigate properly.

Why LT Claim?

Letstrack helps any organization manage it's employee attendance records and maintain transparency by notifying it's employees daily/monthly by transferring the attendance details in an excel format warning them about it's future consequences such as deduction in salary etc.



 Easy PaperworkLess time, more work. Do smartwork with system saved records

 Verify ClaimsWith a just single, keep a check on false claims

 Easy ReimbursementsDetect forged reimbursements and streamlining the workflow

 Trip HistoryEasy history viewing of the trip details

 Trip DetailsGet all the vital detailed details on one screen

 Easy Excel FormattingSay bye to maintaining registers and dilution in attendance

    How it works

    • Select your tracking device.
    • Click on the trip icon to start your trip
    • Fill in the trip details to categorize the trip as business/personal
    • Click on the start button to start your trip
    • Once you reach your destination click on the trip icon again to end your trip
    • View history by choosing the History Tab


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